SCADA/OT Events: Understanding and Acting

SCADA/OT Events: Understanding and Acting

When working with SCADA, understanding events is vital to prevent incidences and severe consequences for the facility. In most cases, it’s challenging to detect what is a harmless occurrence among dozens of events and what is a technical problem. Every single action we take within our system will be logged as an event. This leads […]

How to Protect Hospitals from Cyberattacks?

Hospitals OT cybersecurity

Healthcare is one of the most attractive targets for cybercriminals. First, institutions manage vast amounts of highly valuable data about most individuals in our society. Then, consider the financial resources that hospitals and clinics have and how critical it is for everyone to keep their infrastructures up and running. Every single incident related to cybersecurity […]

How to Protect OT/ICS Environments at a Water Facility?

Water cybersecurity

In the past decade, disclosed cyberattacks experienced by water facilities and other utility companies have shown us the consequences of not being prepared. Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) comprehend fragile instruments that often are attractive targets for cybercriminals, being aware that often their cyber hygiene is incomplete and outdated mechanisms used in […]

Why Protect ICS?

ICS cybersecurity

Industrial control systems are a quintessential part of our productive engines. Their development represented a revolution for industrial processes as organizations gained control over every detail, skyrocketing efficiency. Shortly after their implementation, cybersecurity issues arose. Malicious parties saw major opportunities in cracking their way into these infrastructures and profit at the expense of causing serious […]