Asset Management Solutions

accurate asset Discovery AND inventory of all DEVICES ON OT, IoT, and IT NETWORKS

 Asset Discovery in just a few minutes. Julie discovers every device and enhances your network mapping accuracy in any industrial network providing a complete inventory.

Asset Discovery Dashboard

Cyber Attacks
Risks and Threats

Any device that is unmanaged is an unlocked door for cybercriminals. Keeping track of every single device in one facility is a challenging task and that’s why an effective and accurate asset discovery increases your network security.

Organizations may include subsidiaries, branches, third-party partners, contractors, temporary workers, and guests, for instance. As a result, it becomes incredibly difficult to regulate and mandate a single hardware and software baseline against such a diverse group.

This makes individual devices a favored target for cybercriminals. Most importantly, assets go far beyond laptops and desktops. OT, IoT and IT assets include items such as PLCs, HMIs, Engineering works stations, cameras, and all other IoT devices.

Even your HVAC unit can be vulnerable, and cybercriminals know it. If it contains a computer, it has a vulnerability that must be monitored.

Discovery And Mapping of Devices On Network

Julie’s Asset Discovery and Network Assets Mapping quickly locates and identifies all connected devices on your OT, IoT or IT network without interrupting your operations.

By monitoring all network traffic, Julie Security seamlessly maps and provides information about every device.

 After identifying and classifying network assets, Julie automatically discovers risks in those devices, such as needed patches, vulnerabilities, CVEs, and any other device related information. 

New devices connected to your network are also automatically visible to Julie and if you already have an existing asset management system, Julie will integrate with your current asset management solution to ensure correct inventory across both platforms.

By collecting detailed information on vulnerabilities and risks, Julie Security makes it easier to keep track of your network assets, help audit and compliance, optimize incident response and operation of industrial networks. We make asset visibility and inventory simple.

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