Reactions to U.S. Water Plant Hack

In the second week of February 2021, the U.S. government revealed that unknown hackers had gained remote access to systems at a water plant in Florida City. The hackers attempted to raise the levels of certain chemicals to an extent where members of the public would run the risk of being poisoned. The water supply […]

Cybersecurity Risk & Responsibility in the Water Sector

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At the moment, one of the significant threats facing businesses all over the world is the risk of cyber-attack. In the water sectors, utility firms have suffered from various types of cyber-risk, including ransomware attacks, tampering with Industrial Control Systems, manipulating valve, flow operations, chemical treatment formulations, and other efforts that disrupt and potentially destroy […]

Iranian Hackers Access Unprotected ICS at Israeli Water Facility

Over the years, cybersecurity professionals have warned organizations in the energy and water sectors of the dangers of exposed Human Machine Interface systems which are easy targets for malicious actors. The need to secure HMIs in the water sector came to light recently, when a group of Iranian hackers accessed to an unprotected Industrial Control […]

A Step Closer: A Desalination Mystery Solved Aims to a More Accessible Process

A Step Closer: A Desalination Mystery Solved Aims to a More Accessible Process

Access to safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges that humankind faces. We don’t only have large populations in Africa that don’t have access to safe drinking water but there are new problems looming in the horizon. Pollution, climate change, and exponential population growth, especially in poor regions of the world, are threatening […]

Florida Water Treatment Plant Hacked in What Could Be a Tragic Event

Florida Water Treatment Plant Hacked in What Could Be a Tragic Event

At Julie Security, we have addressed the scary possibility of utility companies getting hit by cyberattacks and the potential impact on society at large.  Fortunately, many organizations out there make good use of the security technologies available to them, protecting their infrastructures, and such attacks don’t get to become fruitful. Yet, we sometimes see episodes […]

Cybersecurity: A Foundational Requirement for a Modern Water Utility

Water is an essential commodity needed in every society. In fact, it is a basic need of life and an enabler of key industries like agriculture, power generation, construction, technology. Due to this, the treatment, extraction and discharge of wastewater back to the environment by utility firms must be given adequate attention. In addition, a […]


Cybersecurity Lock

Cases of cyber-attacks on water facilities across the globe are starting to rise as hackers seek to control systems of wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, and sewers. One of such instances occurred only a few months ago when the Israeli authorities alleged that Iran was conducting a cyber-campaign targeting the country’s water and sewage facilities. […]