how to assess the cybersecurity of IoT devices

Internet of Things devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in every business and industry. Whether your company is just starting to bring in IoT devices or looking to expand the network with more devices, chances are you’ve struggled with securing IoT. With facilities sometimes running completely with IoT devices, how can you be sure these devices […]

Cybersecurity & SCADA Systems – Why It Matters

SCADA Systems Illustration

SCADA systems are the heart of most modern industrial facilities. We’re going to discuss what SCADA is and why cybersecurity for this important system matters. WHAT EXACTLY IS SCADA? SCADA systems are the supervisory-level control point over machinery and processes across the entire facility. It is a subset of ICS that combines hardware and software […]

OT/IT Convergence: Combining systems for business growth

IT OT Convergence

With industry 4.0 in full swing, OT and IT are rapidly becoming one and the same. OT/IT convergence is driving a major digital transformation within this growing industry. What is OT/IT Convergence? Operational technology (OT) and Information technology (IT) are often used synonymously, but the two play different key roles within any industrial organization. IT […]

Cybersecurity: A Foundational Requirement for a Modern Water Utility

Water is an essential commodity needed in every society. In fact, it is a basic need of life and an enabler of key industries like agriculture, power generation, construction, technology. Due to this, the treatment, extraction and discharge of wastewater back to the environment by utility firms must be given adequate attention. In addition, a […]


Cybersecurity Lock

Cases of cyber-attacks on water facilities across the globe are starting to rise as hackers seek to control systems of wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, and sewers. One of such instances occurred only a few months ago when the Israeli authorities alleged that Iran was conducting a cyber-campaign targeting the country’s water and sewage facilities. […]

Working from Home: How to Make It Safe?

Working from Home: How to Make It Safe?

The idea of working from home, a methodology now imposed by the pandemic, is something most businesses should get comfortable with. For many years, there has been resistance against the model, ignoring the implications of its implementation. Now, after its sudden enforcement, something that no one could possibly predict in 2019, thousands of businesses around […]

Why Protect ICS?

ICS cybersecurity

Industrial control systems are a quintessential part of our productive engines. Their development represented a revolution for industrial processes as organizations gained control over every detail, skyrocketing efficiency. Shortly after their implementation, cybersecurity issues arose. Malicious parties saw major opportunities in cracking their way into these infrastructures and profit at the expense of causing serious […]

Organizations Hacked Via BMS: Everyone’s Problem


Building Management Systems (BMS) have been a powerful resource for organizations to achieve superior efficiency. The problem is that, when poorly implemented and maintained, these same systems become serious liabilities. Companies of all sizes are paying the price for vendors’ and installers’ negligence when it comes to BMS. Malicious parties are leveraging vulnerabilities in these […]

Cybersecurity Wrap-up: SIEM Practices and Tips from NIST

computer with chains

In 2020, proper cybersecurity measures are a vital need for all kinds of organizations. The business world has changed, and now, not only big companies are the target for cybercriminals.  Instead, everyone has become a valid target for malicious agents to damage and profit. In the following lines, we will review some of the cybersecurity […]