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Protect your Facility

We know what it’s like to be under cyber-attack. That’s why we analyze millions of events across all our customers facilities so they stay on their business journeys.

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Flexible subscription model including contracts and payment terms to meet customer needs.

Continuous Delivery

No upgrades. Expect continuous, predictable, automatic service.

Cyber Response

OT cybersecurity specialists always available to mitigate any potential facility threats.

A Process Where the Client's Building Integrity is Top Priority

Real-time Monitoring​
The key to effective protection is the ability to react in real time.
AI-drive Intrusion Detection
Best cloud anomaly detection powered by AI to improve accuracy.
Personalized Analysis
Our cybersecurity experts work with you together to achieve optimum results.
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Market-leading Monitoring

The Julie Security Probe service asynchronously inspects the network inside the facility to identify unusual activity.

Enhanced Visibility

Julie Security lets complete visibility of inventory and helps to reporting, auditing, and decision-making with its robust analytics.

Reduced Risk

OT cybersecurity specialists assess risks and mitigate attacks.

Efficient Report

All the data you need, adequately interpreted for your team to make the best decisions with no friction.

Julie Security validates that your commercial facility network is secured in compliance with industry leading standards

Start protecting your facility with Julie Security

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