The machinery manufacturing industry is experiencing higher productivity than ever before. To meet increased global demand for machinery and equipment, manufacturers must adopt new technologies or risk falling behind. But with the increase of connected devices, how can you monitor industrial control systems across every facility, monitor new operational technology and assets, and ensure your network is secure all while managing operations?  This is why our customers love Julie Security.

How it works

Julie is an AI-Driven OT threat detection platform that seamlessly connects with your network to assess vulnerabilities, map assets, and mitigate threats without disrupting operations, inventories all your assets and connected devices across your network, including PLCs, HMIs, industrial control systems (ICS), and other OT, IoT, and IIoT devices. Our platform will scan these devices for their current compliance level, and our experts assist in making your entire operation compliant with industry and federal regulations. Click below to see our infosheets with detailed information.

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