How to Meet Tighter Cybersecurity Budgets with Consolidated Tools

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In the past few months, something curious happened in the world of cybersecurity. As COVID-19 forced organizations to send their professionals to work remotely, greater needs in cybersecurity arose.

But also, concurrently, these organizations found themselves short of cash, limited when investing in the improvement of their processes.

With a remote workforce, new challenges in cybersecurity are created. So, businesses, as a result of this, should be actively investing in their defense online.

Unfortunately, the case is quite different. It’s not about organizations halting decisions from neglect but because of necessity as the circumstances are indeed difficult.

With great uncertainty, businesses are reducing their cybersecurity budgets. Professionals have to be creative to meet tighter budgets as the situation increases in difficulty.

Critical Times for Change

COVID-19 and the current revolution in remote work have pushed the boundaries of cloud technologies that modern businesses rely on. Millions of professionals are now working from home, which represents an unprecedented challenge for cybersecurity.

However, this difficult situation may be a window for positive change in the corporate. When things get this difficult, we show our brightest, most creative side.

There are now a plethora of problems to solve, one being effective cybersecurity on a budget.

Taking a Look to the Current Toolkit

Meeting a tighter cybersecurity budget starts by taking a good, honest look at the current toolkit in your company.

Were the current tools appropriate for the cybersecurity challenge before COVID-19? How about now? What problems is the organization experiencing at this flank? What problems may arise tomorrow?

Your cybersecurity toolkit should not be defined by budget but by the organization’s current and future needs. Maybe you will find unnecessary, costly tools in the place of highly necessary, absent solutions.

Consolidating Teams as Part of the Process

Consolidation is a solid option here. In cybersecurity, not only consolidated tools are a good choice but also consolidated teams.

For example, which teams in your business may work closely together and share cybersecurity resources for a more efficient workflow? What about consolidating those teams that rely on the same resources?

By bringing relevant teams together, organizations aren’t only achieving greater productivity but also meeting their tight budgets.

Genuine Understanding of the Potential Benefit

It may be very difficult to have the needed motivation to meet a tight budget when the potential benefit of the efforts made is unknown.

To make the best decisions in choosing cybersecurity tools, we should be able to visualize the potential benefits.

How many professionals and teams within the company will be affected positively by these changes? How many will be able to use the tools? How is the risk reduced by choosing the new toolkit?

A genuine understanding of this takes time. Consolidated tools are just a part of meeting tight budgets. Cybersecurity is highly demanding in terms of resources, meaning that professionals may need to go the extra mile. Figuring out this will possibly come with the use of consolidated cybersecurity tools that provide more for less, allowing greater flexibility in scenarios like the current one.

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