Commercial Building Automation

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Julie Security helps an Ohio based Commercial buildings company to protect its facilities against Operational Technology (OT) attacks and helps to maintain secure operation.


  1. Preventing breaches into the OT & IT networks.
  2. Gaining visibility into the network and all assets.
  3. Continuous monitoring.
  4. Detecting and alerting OT & IT cyber threats.
  5. Anomaly detection.
  6. Forensics investigations.


  1. Ransomware risk.
  2. Malicious activity on camera network.
  3. Malicious outbound and inbound communication with cameras and camera servers to malicious. Servers identified as malware or bad reputation.
  4. Malware on office network hosts.
  5. Open communication with the outside world – minimal firewall protection.
  6. No operational or security monitoring interfaces for different systems.
  7. No procedures in place for patching or hardening devices.
  8. No system for securing and logging maintenance operations.
  9. Vulnerabilities within the networks.


  1. Risks assessment was conducted, pointing to all issues and how to mitigate them.
  2. Helping the IT engineer to mitigate the risks.
  3. Enable Julie Security automated intrusion detection and alerting within the facilities.
  4. Continues monitoring & reporting by our cybersecurity team.

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