Iranian Hackers Access Unprotected ICS at Israeli Water Facility

Over the years, cybersecurity professionals have warned organizations in the energy and water sectors of the dangers of exposed Human Machine Interface systems which are easy targets for malicious actors. The need to secure HMIs in the water sector came to light recently, when a group of Iranian hackers accessed to an unprotected Industrial Control […]

3 New Severe Security Vulnerabilities Found in SolarWind Software

Three major security vulnerabilities impacting SolarWinds products have recently been discovered. According to cybersecurity experts, the most severe flaw could be exploited to achieve remote code execution with escalated privileges. Insights from a technical analysis published by cybersecurity firm, Trustwave revealed that two of the weaknesses (CVE-2021-25274 and CVE-2021-25275) are found in the SolarWinds Orion […]

Is 5G Technology Dangerous? – Pros and Cons of 5G Network


In recent times, the mobile industry has made several promises about the 5G network. 5G is expected to offer speeds of around 10 gigabits per second to phones – that’s 100 times faster than what we can get from 4G and 4.5G networks and 10 times faster than Google Fiber’s typical home broadband service. This […]

Cybersecurity: A Foundational Requirement for a Modern Water Utility

Water is an essential commodity needed in every society. In fact, it is a basic need of life and an enabler of key industries like agriculture, power generation, construction, technology. Due to this, the treatment, extraction and discharge of wastewater back to the environment by utility firms must be given adequate attention. In addition, a […]


Cybersecurity Lock

Cases of cyber-attacks on water facilities across the globe are starting to rise as hackers seek to control systems of wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, and sewers. One of such instances occurred only a few months ago when the Israeli authorities alleged that Iran was conducting a cyber-campaign targeting the country’s water and sewage facilities. […]