NB-IoT vs. Cat-M1: Which is Better for Your Massive IoT Needs

NB-IoT vs. Cat-M1: Which is Better for Your Massive IoT Needs

Most modern organizations know that digitization is essential for staying competitive and agile. IoT solutions can provide the necessary boost for fixing pressing problems, limiting risks, increasing efficiency, and making better fact-based business decisions. IoT is rapidly approaching the point of moving beyond testing stages in a few operations to being used across sectors on […]

How to Protect Hospitals from Cyberattacks?

Hospitals OT cybersecurity

Healthcare is one of the most attractive targets for cybercriminals. First, institutions manage vast amounts of highly valuable data about most individuals in our society. Then, consider the financial resources that hospitals and clinics have and how critical it is for everyone to keep their infrastructures up and running. Every single incident related to cybersecurity […]

Why Smart Buildings Need Cybersecurity Specialists?

Smart building cybersecurity

Building Management Systems (BMSs) are a key component of modern infrastructure, an essential part of OT that continues to evolve to provide businesses with more control over their properties. For many companies, BMSs have been a severe upgrade in terms of efficiency and costs. However, smart buildings that rely on state-of-the-art BMS are also an […]

Organizations Hacked Via BMS: Everyone’s Problem


Building Management Systems (BMS) have been a powerful resource for organizations to achieve superior efficiency. The problem is that, when poorly implemented and maintained, these same systems become serious liabilities. Companies of all sizes are paying the price for vendors’ and installers’ negligence when it comes to BMS. Malicious parties are leveraging vulnerabilities in these […]