Cybersecurity & SCADA Systems – Why It Matters

SCADA Systems Illustration

SCADA systems are the heart of most modern industrial facilities. We’re going to discuss what SCADA is and why cybersecurity for this important system matters. WHAT EXACTLY IS SCADA? SCADA systems are the supervisory-level control point over machinery and processes across the entire facility. It is a subset of ICS that combines hardware and software […]

5 Common Cybersecurity Threats You Should Be Aware Of

Common Cyber Threats

In today’s digital world, there are countless cybersecurity threats hiding in plain sight. Many of them are more common than you may think. This blog will discuss a few of these trending threats and our recommended prevention methods. 1. Ransomware Ransomware is a form of malware that blocks a company’s access to its devices and […]

OT/IT Convergence: Combining systems for business growth

IT OT Convergence

With industry 4.0 in full swing, OT and IT are rapidly becoming one and the same. OT/IT convergence is driving a major digital transformation within this growing industry. What is OT/IT Convergence? Operational technology (OT) and Information technology (IT) are often used synonymously, but the two play different key roles within any industrial organization. IT […]